For Honor’ Microtransactions are ridiculous

So, this whole blogging thing is starting out well, eh? My first post is a rant about micro transactions.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t necessarily disagree with micro transactions, when they’re done right (Overwatch) they can be an asset to any game however, For Honor really takes the biscuit.

A Redditor over on the For Honor reddit page has done some math and has worked out that in order to unlock everything through just playing the game, would take 2.5 years. TWO AND A HALF YEARS! How many people will still be playing For Honor in a years time, let alone 2.5?!


That’s not even the worst of it, that same redditor also worked out that if you wanted to pay to unlock everything (Minus DLC items) then it would cost you $732… that’s about £600 in the UK!!

Ubisoft, on the very small chance you are reading this, please take note, you aren’t exactly the most favoured development studio’ after the whole Assassins Creed Unity thing. Granted you did acknowledge this and decided to stop the whole yearly Assassins Creed releases, for that I take my hat off to you. However, this whole micro transactions thing has to stop, you’ve released two games in the past 3 months with some crazy micro transactions, For Honor and Ghost Recon Wildlands. People already pay £50 (Standard price) for your games, don’t make them spend more money just to get items/abilities that you have locked out from the base game. If you are insistent on putting microtransactions into games then continue the formula that Blizzard have or even look closer to home with Rainbow Six Siege.

Ubisoft, you are responsible for some of my favourite games of all time, the Ghost Recon series pre Future Soldier and Rainbow Six just to name a few, but the more you continue to shovel micro transactions down my throat the way you have with For Honor, the more I begin to resent you.

Right, now that is off my chest, I’m going back to Mass Effect Andromeda!


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